Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Fudge Shirt


Stardoll is Giving Some Free Fudge Clothes,
And Today There is a Fudge Shirt
Here How to Get it:

1. Go To

2.Write At The Url Box.

3.Log in into Ur Account.

4. Change The Link into

5.Then Click Go ;P

6.Finaly Log out And Close The Proxy.


You Will Find it in Ur Suite in a Gift Box
Have Fun


millwoodrox said...

that is such an old shirt! From like three years ago!
If you dont believe me, check out my closet. I paid for it soooo long ago.

moonflowerrocks said...

It didn't work ='[. PS: u typed the proxy with 2 x's. PLZ be more careful next time =]

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work!!!

Haywee [october99 on stardoll] said...

you spelled proxyhideout wrong. ;]