Friday, September 3, 2010

Can You Do Me a Favor?


This Week Was Horrible,ill Tell You What Happen:
(Please Read Cu's This Might Happen To You)


One Day,a Girl Called remoo10 Wanted To Add Me
So i Said k She Seem Nice,But Then Look What did She Said:

remoo10:F/u/c.. You!,Your Mom is a Maid And Your Dad
a Driver And You And Your Sis Are Going To Be My Maid
Your a Dog!Your Bad!Don't Talk To Me Again

Seriously Girls,if Someone Say Like That To You
What Do You Think?

2-Hate You.
3-Want EveryBody To Hate You.

if You Agree Please Report Her.

Then i Told Her,Stop Saying Bad Things About Me,i
Asked My Sis To Help Me,But...
remoo10:Omg You Talk To Much!Your a Baby You Was Going To
Cry,You Asked Your Sister To help You Baby hahah,
Just Wait,Your Account Will Be Deleted!


Girls,She Might Do This To You
Report her And Let's Make Her Stop Doing This!
You Can Ask me what Other Things Did She Said
Send Me a Message.


Danae Mod said...
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Danae Mod said...

Oh poor you!:(
One girl doen this to me too!
But in greek words!!
I will block her and thnx for the information!!:)