Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Changes..


Stardoll Added Somethings Weird
Look:-Some Change At The Visitors-


-Alot a Change at The BestFriends-

-Some Of Them NotShowing But-

-If i Clicked At My Sister Moon-Vip-
-It Will Open my Suite Again-

-Also SuperStar Get Gold Border-


-And Also Look At The SuperStar Get a Gold Border-

Also Some Visitor's No Picture When i Click At Them
They Get Me To Callie.Stardoll Suite


-Also Girls Medoll Turned Into Boys!-

i Liked The Old One Better
Tell Us Did That Happen To You Too?


Anonymous said...

yes it did happen to me i was so freaked i thought it was a hacker or something

Anonymous said...

It was hackers its was just the name that was different! for everyone, you clicked on that person and you visit the hacker!!!