Monday, August 9, 2010

New section: Fug or Fab?

Hey guys,

I've had the idea of making a new section in this blog called 'Fug or fab?'

Fug is short for Fugly, which means frightfully ugly ;), and fab for fabulous.

We can discuss outfits of stardoll users here, you can also send me your own screenshots or just the names of users with quite strange outfits :)

Then YOU can decide if it's FUG or FAB!

Today: Atena_13

The outfit is a long skirt and a scarf by DKNY...I like the shoes which are made of black boots and studded sandals...But the make-up is really strange: blue hair, many snowflakes and fake lashes over the eyes...

Now it's your turn! Fug or fab?

Can't wait to know what you think about it!



somey-1 said...

hii can i be there??

my user name is somey-1 and but me there :D

OMGitsxNath said...

Okay Somey-1, no problem :)