Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Account has been stolen!


Omg Girls!
i was Crying They Say My Pass is Wrong i Click Forget Pass
And They Said We Already Sended u Ur New Pass But They Didnt
plz Go See My Suite And Who Did That i Realy Want it Back D;!!!

its xoxo-pink-xoxo!


Sara (millwoodrox) said...

whoever did it kept everything the same. :/
You cant even tell that its someone else... :/
I sent her a very angry message, lol.
I hope you get your account back.

Mandy said...

Omg Tysm Hun,i Never Gave My Pass To Any 1 How Did She Know!

sara (millwoodrox) said...

i have noo idea. (:
It can be a professional hacker, who just does it for the adrenaline rush they get it.=P
Are you superstar at the moment? And if so, when is it expiring? :/ Cause if its not expiring soon...