Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fug or Fab?

Somey-1, you wanna get battled? Okay, here we go :)

There's nothing about your make-up, it's fab I think (except the dark red highlights)...;)
But your somehow remind me to a woman who's working at an office...knee-length skirt, pullover,'s a nice look, but maybe to conservative...also with the colors...grey, dusky pink fits together, but it's probably too BORING ...know what I mean?

So now it's your turn! Fug or fab?

Can't wait for your opinion!

xoxo N.


somey-1 said...

will that is a simple look i can do more exitng clothes

somey-1 said...

i dont want you too put that look!
put the new one!

somey-1 said...

pleas put what i am wearing now!!!

OMGitsxNath said...

OK, the next time I will put the other :)
I make a screenshot of what you are wearing now and post in a few days (I have other users waitin in line)

xoxo N.