Friday, August 27, 2010

FREE EcoGirl Jacket

Hello everybody, how are you today?
Get it for free by using a polish proxy like

Change 'view' into 'finish'

Have a nice day♥♥

xxx N.


Mandy said...

Thanks Hun,I Loved The Jaket Or a Top ;P

Danae Mod said...

I don't understand How it works this view and finish!!!I'm sorry I I start a problem!!:(D

OMGitsxNath said...

@Danae Mod
It's simple:

There's the Stardoll URL I've written in the post.

I show you:

And to make it easier, you just delete the 'VIEW' and write in that place 'FINISH'.

Then it looks like this:

You have to do this, because you want Stardoll to think that you've participated on this contest. That's how you get the gift.

Do you understand it now? If not, then tell me. :)

Love N.