Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FREE Dog from Marmaduke & Cleopatra Top

Hey ya :)

Use a UK proxy like, or and go to

Log in and close the window...done! :)

Cleopatra Top

It's a contest...

Simply click here and go to the contest:

Below the correct answers

Thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted

UPDATE 1: Stay tuned! The cinema text says that next week there's gonna be a Marmaduke contest where every entry wins a Jezebel! We inform you about that then :)

UPDATE 2: Don't wonder if you don't get Cleopatra Top! Other blogs posted that themselves or the users don't get their free tops too! It's not your fault! We'll have to wait I guess ...

xoxo N.


Anonymous said...

i don't get cleopatra top ;(

OMGitsxNath said...

@Anonymous You're not the only one. Other blogs told me that too ...Stardoll's not running well these days I guess ..
It's not your fault :)

xxxx N.

Mandy said...

Thanks Hun ;D


bnanamuffin7 said...

Why arent I getting my Marmaduke dogg.. I want it really badly!!!!