Saturday, July 3, 2010

Spoiler Time.....ANTIDOTE


As you all can see and as we have already told you....Antidote is coming back.....some of them are really cute....but some of them are the same as the 1st season of Antidote in different colour and others are recolored Hotbuys....!!!!
What do you think about them..??Are u going to buy anything....???



Anonymous said...

stardoll is so unfair I bought an"i love usa" bag and it didn't comed to my suite buut the stardollars are gone What is this??

dulcica said...

do u really have to copy UDS? come on thsi is embarrassing, u could at leats say u know it from them, but u are too stupid to even think of a name for the post on ur own.. u copy EVERYTHING

Anonymous said...

I think dulcica is right!
You DO NOT have the right to copy my friends' blog! YOU have to take their permission first lady! :S
STOP it now!

Anonymous said...

Yeah u shud not take from that blog!!!! and anyway most of those ant Antidote!!!!!