Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunglasses all over Stardoll!

Hey love, how's your weekend going? I guess perfect ;)
Did you see .... the sunglasses Tsunami?
It's all over the starplaza!! all the colors, all the shapes and all the styles! don't tell that you can't find your own! Then why don't you create it!!! 8O You have: sunglasses, Splendid's accessories, hands, brain, and juicy ideas! What are you waiting for? Start the work!!!
If you need some examples to understand more the concept, here they are:

Baby Girl, Huge pink sunglasses, bows and stars and here you are 4 years old again xD


Wild Tattoo, zebra way farer sunglasses, black head band, and rose tattoo! wild and rebel! what a combination!

Roses and Diamonds: black sunglasses, roses earrings and diamond earring with red head bands, who doesn't love diamonds and roses? ( not me :p )

Futuristic Glamour, black sunglasses, sparckling geadbands,
and skulls. Ready for the future?



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mariaisabelfan said...

WOW This so cool!LOVE IT!