Friday, June 4, 2010

FREE Hannah Montana Clothes

For members outside of Sweeden:
1.Go to or
2.In the blank URL Box put this link:
3.Log in
4.Wait a few seconds,close the proxy and you will have a free Hannah Montana Outfit delivered in your suite!
 Questions or problems in the comments box!


Sissy said... has got virus and says that page cannot be fount!!

Another Proxy???

mariaisabelfan said...

i cant find any other proxies..Are you sure that facebooksurfing has avirus?Cause it worked for me!

Sissy said...

Yeah!!my antivirus blocks this page and says that it has a virus!!

MissModelyy said... worked for me, try again ... ;D

missnikyfashion said...

Worked 4 me!!!! ;)

Alexandrua6 (stardoll name) said...

Hi!! i love you blog. its tru that facebooksurfing has viruses. so, what you can do is that:
got to
then type in the url of the proxy. then the steps are the same but remember to place the adress
on the url below the PROXY'S URL.
trust me it worked.

Alexandrua6 (stardoll name) said...

one more thing about the url if your confused:
ther will be three url bars: one at the top of your browser, the one under your browser's url (the slygeek proxy's one), and another under the previous url (facebooksurfing url)

Kendra said...

Aww man it doesnt work for me =/

Anonymous said...

its not working! plz help x i gt da other 2 before!x tho.... is it limited?