Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spoilers :D

 I found some really interesting spoilers!Take a look:

(Click to enlarge)

I kinda like the dress the rest doesnt surprise me that much!


adeline_196 said...

Nice spoilers! I think it's from Norway national day (17th May). You guys do an awesome job!
By the way,mariaisabelfan, have you checked my entry for the contest?

mariaisabelfan said...

Thanks so much!Of course I have checked your entry!Good Job :D

adeline_196 said...

And what about the graphic designer job? Do you think I can be a writer here?

mariaisabelfan said...

Look I'm really sorry but right now we don't need a new writer but Im sure that in the summer or later we will need one!Im really sorry!But be sure to contact you in a while!

adeline_196 said...

I see, thanks anyway.