Thursday, May 20, 2010

Important Changes in Starbazaar!

Hey sweeties!

So there are some changes in Starbazaar I have to tell you:

1. You can sell things for more than 60 sd

Yeah, true. Stardoll makes it possible to sell clothes and accessoires for max. 500 SD!

As you can see, there's a rare Elizabeth&James Skirt on the right which costs 444 SD or a silver body in the middle which costs 500 SD!

2. Stardoll wants a TAX from us for every piece we sell

Yeah, and it's very heavy! They want 10% of the price for that we sell the piece. That's more than the 1 SD we've had before as you can imagine!

Just to show you an example:

If you sell the dress for 60 SD: 10% from 60 SD = 6 SD Tax
If you sell the dress for 150 SD: 10% from 150 SD = 15 SD Tax
If you sell the dress for 500 SD: 10% from 500 SD: 50 SD Tax (!!)

So that means, that you only get 450 as you can see in the picture!


I checked the other blogs just to find out what other users think about that:

bouny3000 said:
Stardoll doesn't earn any money out of this system. It just "takes away". The interest in this is to make people buy stardollars more often because they lose money. Also by making 500 $ the maximum price, people sell things very expensive , today a lot of old DKNY is for sale like they come out of nowhere. (…) Well Stardoll is more expensive every year .... they want money money. (…)

..Dark_Angel.. said:
This will make it easier to trade rares without getting scammed, but the tax is ridiculous! If they want to tax us, it should be no more than 1-2%. Stardoll is not a credit card company (…) !!!

Lola said:
I agree with most comments. It was indeed a good measure to stop and prevent scamming. (…)
But girls have gone crazy and items that were sold below (and way below) 60sd two days ago are now 100, 200 and even 500sd!! (…) And last season DKNY...dresses that sold below 20sd are now 150sd or more...and I mean, last season! Come on!
The tax is really high. And it has triggered prices going up real fast. Nobody wants to lose a dime. And that's not reasonable. The tax should be afforded by both parties, the seller and the buyer so we should keep that in mind before putting a price to an item. But also, as in real life, we have to be careful with raising prices. Cause as in real life, unrational raise of prices causes inflation and it makes the purchasing power of ppl fall abruptly. Let's keep in mind that maintaining the purchasing power to be able to afford higher priced items means buying more stardollars with REAL money. For all of us.

[The meanings have been shortened if necessary. I don't guarantee for the content. Opinions taken from Followers of Underneath Stardoll]

If you ask me, I totally agree with Lola!


Tell me your opinion!

Love Nathalie♥

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mariaisabelfan said...

I dont think it's a good idea :( I mean do you remember when the max. price was 20 sds?Now it is 500!STARDOLL WANT MONEYY..