Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Startpage Layout!

Check this out, there's a new layout on Stardoll's startpage:
NOTE: If you create a new doll, you have to choose one style before you fill in the information.
You will get the outfit you chose for free, and also make-up!, but only till you remove it in your Medoll Editor. (So I would never remove it, except I'll become a superstar :D)

Do you like it?

xoxo Nathalie


Anonymous said...

uhh , so unfair :D when i joined ,i got nothing :P
nice although .. lucky new members !

Anonymous said...

wunfair new members can get super cool clothes and even makeup and we can't even have make up !

Anonymous said...

unfair,when i join to stardoll i get nothing,i dont get white t-shirt or enything.i get only couple sd and i was naked