Thursday, February 18, 2010

NEW LE OFFER via Stardoll Mail

I got the next LE offer via Stardoll Mail.
It's a little black dress, with lace and studds.
The price: 150 SD

What do you think?
Why does Stardoll offer those mails instead of just releasing a new collection?

P.S.: The first two dresses of them (The dress is limited: There are 1000 pieces available) were bought by mirka_17 and M_Themis, 2 of 3 owners of Underneath Stardoll!

BUT: I am the first one who posts about this :D

Love Bella


RanaR said...

How did you get?!
Can i get it or is this just for some special people or something:(

Bella said...

The message was sent to all people who bought something from the last LE collection.
I bought a t-shirt, so I get them now, even if I am not superstar at the moment.

xxx Bella

Avril14140 said...

I wish I have account (non-ss and I bought le with it before)