Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New FREE ANTM Dress!

Free ANTM Dress exclusively here in Stardoll News&Tips! :D
Just follow the steps!Don't forget to clear your history!

1.Log out of Stardoll

2.Use this proxy Port: 8080 Port:3128(WORKED FASTER AND IT'S BETTER)

3.Go to must log in of course)

4.Watch the whoolee video

5.Turn off the proxy

6.Go to Your Stardoll Suiute and you will have it!

Questions or anything else in the comments box(proxies suggestions)




Anonymous said...

OMG Thanks so much!Cant wait for the next gift!

Kary said...

OMG Thank you sooo much !!! I ha tried all blogs with their manual proxys but none ever worked !! Thanks !!!!

Anonymous said...

tha second one doesnt work .
without proxy , what country is that for ?

mariaisabelfan said...


Anonymous said...

the proxies dnt work :(

Anonymous said...

wowowow ,thankss ,the first manual worked, second didnt :P
thanks , for a long time ive tride, i got the DRESS , THANKS ! :P

Anonymous said...

toll kleird ganimete0123