Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So..I'm sitting at work, that's why you don't get a banner :)

The new Moodi Wear store in on Starplaza NOW!

The best clothes from 7 weeks Moodi Wear Designing were chosen and are now available to buy, but EXPENSIVE!!

Dresses 13 or 14 sd, shoes 10 sd... very high for selfmade designs!

If you're from UK, click here to get to the store: 

If you're not from UK, click here to get all clothes in your dressingroom (not for free!!):,23382,23383,23384,23385,23386,23387,23388,23389,23390,23391,23392,23393,23394,23434.23435,23436

Thanks to medollmaster for the links.

Do you like the clothes/designs?

Love Bella


mariaisabelfan said...

Some of them are cool but they are expensive!

Anonymous said...

These r so ugly the only one that is ok is the smiley face dress but i wouldnt want my medoll wearing it. I think these have got to be some of the ugliest clothes stardoll has ever released

CandaceLil SD said...

Meh.. Nothing popped up on my doll :/

ODSStardoll said...

I have a Moodi-Wear top from The Vote if anyone is interested :)