Friday, February 19, 2010

Juicy Stardoll News :P(Spoilers,Sale e.t.c.)

Hey!The title says it all!I have a lot of news for Stardoll!

1.Kohl's:All clothes are now available for Non-SS (Yeeaaah)

2.Minishop Sale

3.Stuff by Hilary Duff Sale (maybe new collection coming?!)

4.OTTO spoiler

5.New Party Room

6.Moodi Wear now available for all members in Starplaza!

That's all!Hope I hepled you!

Questions or anything else in the comments!


orrlizzie said...

Very awesome! I'm from the US and I can't see the moodi wear in the shop. How do I find it?!?!?

Thanks so much,


Bella said...

This is the link to get all clothes in your dressing room.,23382,23383,23384,23385,23386,23387,23388,23389,23390,23391,23392,23393,23394,23434.23435,23436

If you wanna see the store, you need a manual UK proxy, because it's only for members from UK.

Did this help you? :)
xxx Bella