Saturday, February 20, 2010

FREE Harajuku Bikini & Tiara

Get a free bikini and tiara on a very easy way! Follow the steps, it's easiest like I describe it :)
1. Log in on Stardoll.
2. Open a new tab (on the usual browser you only need to press Ctrl + T)
3. On that tab, go to
4. Wait till the page fully loaded, then close the tab and go to your suite!

There will be 2 blue bags waiting for you!

Love Bella


Anonymous said...

thanks it worked visit me jennystar500

DJMAR said...

It didn't work for me :/ I don't know why :(

Laura said...

Hey tnx a lot!I love you Stardoll News&Tips!!

Anonymous said...

i didnt work for me:(

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for me..:(

mariaisabelfan said...

Are you sure it didn't work for you?Because I got it too!You might havent used the proxy right!Try again!

Bella said...

You don't even need a proxy ;)

@DJMAR & @red.girll & @Anonymous
I don't know why, I really tried to explain it so that it's easy. Did you follow the steps exactly?

Another possible way would be:
1. Log into your normal Stardoll.
2. Then type in
3. When the site loaded, go to stardoll again.

Did this work?

xxx Bella

heyaa said...

the same adress only with .de didnt work 4 me .. but with .com worked ,so maybe its same with others :P

Bella said...

For sure the domain .de didn't work, that's the german domain that only sites from Germany use (including exceptions :D)
The Domain .com is an international one that everybody from every country can use, so that's why it works almost everywhere :)

chocomocha_yum said...

didnt work lolarox12798 is my stardoll

nina said...


It didn't work for me :/ I don't know why :(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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