Friday, February 12, 2010

ANTM Blue Cardigan

Get this amazing cardigan for free when you watch a ANTM video in Stardoll Cinema.
I was testing out manual proxies and here is/are the best: and Port 8080 (incredible fast! It didn't even take 1 minute for everything!)

Note: When you use it, you'll get a white page with a defect report. Then remove the proxy and actualize the page. The log in and watch the movie.
Other proxies (not tested):

80.193.472.145 and Port 80 and Port 3128 and Port 3128


1. Log out of Stardoll <-- very important!

2. Delete your browser history, cache and cookies (EVERYTHING!!)

3. Use one of the manual proxies below.

4. Log in.

5. Watch the hole movie and it will be in your suite. (Don't forget to turn off the proxy!)

For complications, use the comment box to tell me.

Love Bella

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what do you mean by actualize the page & can you please make a video about you using a proxy cause it never works out with me? thanx