Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stardoll 2010 Predictions!

What MAY happen in Stardoll in 2010?
In this post I will think of what changes stardoll might have!
ATTENTION:They may be not true they are just predictions !

1.No more Stuff by Hilary Duff
The collection in the 1st floor has been there over than 6 months and the 2nd floor is there from the time I became a member in Stardoll(17.2.2008)

2.StarDesign for jewellery
If StarDeisgn for jewelerry comes in Stardoll then we would be able to design necklackes,braceletes,headbands e.t.c.

3.New Philosophy Collection
I have been waiting for a New Philosophy Collection for a long time and it hasnt come yet!We are waiting Stardoll!

4.Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Brand Back
OMG Do you remember that brand?My first T-shirt and trousers in Stardoll were from that store!I loved that store!It had so cute tunics and clothes!

Chinese Stardoll already has it!Forum!This feauture lets all the members of Stardoll to chat for different things!Its like a huge club with no particular subject!

6.No more Play&Earn Games
Unfortunately the Play&Earn Games may dissappear,they are over 7 moths there and they are for a limited time!By that way 1 sd a day might get back!Who knows....

So these are my predictions for 2010!
Do you have something in mind?What do you think of these predictions?
Tell us in the comments box!


Bella said...

I think you should finally be able to sell make-up and jewellery (by Splendid!)
I would appreciate that :)

Avril14140 said...

It would be great if MKA brand be back...

lipgloss_babe91 said...

Archive will be the downfall of stardoll and many members who's rare's lose their value will quite stardoll.

Also (and this is a good one) ill reach 4000 starpoints =] only 14 more to go xD

QintharaBlog said...

add me my name on stardoll is Qintharataqiy