Friday, January 8, 2010

Some confusions about the scammer Barbieis_socute

So.. I got some questions and meanings about the 'Big scammer thing alert' article that I wrote 2 days ago.

What will happen if I visit her? Will she hack me? asked by TeveliZ

Nothing will happen. She is a normal stardoll user like you and me (theoretically). Practically, she is a scammer (as you all know).
No, she won't hack you. To hack you, she would need your password or at least your e-mail address, but I suppose that when you ask this, you won't give her at least one of both ;).

Don't worry.

IN GENERAL: Nothing happens when you visit a scammer/hacker. Only if you give her information about you (E-Mail address, password), she is able to attack your account.

Warning: If people write in presentations:

'I can make you superstar! Just give mir your E-Mail address! It's 100% safe!'
DON'T BELIEVE IT! They know how to get your password when they have your mail address!

Tazzymin said: I looked her up on an account I don't play with and it said that she doesn't exist?!

Well, sure is that she existed. I dare to doubt that she is still on Stardoll after so many people reported her. Certainly Stardoll deleted her account.

Hope this helps.

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Love, Bella


Ingrida said...

Thanks for ansoring my comment!

Tazzymin said...

Thanks for using myy quote it has really cleaRED my thoughts about the scammer