Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Show me your wardrobe, sweetie!

So..many people complain about that they don't have anything to wear even if their wardrobe's are full with cool, fashionable clothes!


Everybody can be stylish and cool, even if you only have non-ss items cause you probably can't afford a Superstar Membership!

So now it's time for me to help you! (of course only if you want to!)

I'll restyle your MeDoll!

It's totally easy and of course free:

Write a comment in the comment box with:

• your stardoll name
• if you also want a new make-up (if you also have make-up)
• what style you wanna have (sporty, elegant, ...)

I will visit you then and create 3 new looks!

You don't have to wear the hole outfits then, but maybe it inspires you to a new look?!

I hope you like the idea.

Love Bella ♥


Cloe said...

Name: Ashley1michelle
Yes i do want make up and I also have
I want a cool look(:


Avril14140 said...

I think it`s great idea!
But I don`t want

Anonymous said...

јас сум missnatasa76. I like your Idea .но јас сакам да бидам covergirl.

Anonymous said...

I am missnatasa76. I like your Idea. But I want to be covergirl

Anonymous said...

my name in stardoll is i.rox.xoxo
i want to be stylish, i also want make up, but i am not a ss :(

Mandy said...

Hey Hun i Love Every Thing You Do And Helping Stardoll Girls Ty Hun.


I Would Love You 2 Make Me a New Make-Up And i Have Make-Ups Hun.

I Like My Style To Be Like Fashion Girl or Model,But Hun There is 1 Problem...My Clothes are Not in My Closet...They Are in The Box.

if You Think its a Problem Just Wright At My Guest Book.


Anonymous said...

my name is missGeorgia94
thx so much for giving me this opportunity, cn you make me an elegant style? ^^

Anonymous said...

my name is missGeorgia94
thx so much for giving me this opportunity, cn you make me an elegant style? ^^

FairyBeliever ♥ said...

I would love a make-over and clothes-over,I am a S-Star and u can make me 3 complely diffrent Looks and u can do whatever to me but dont make me really girly Thanks Bye X

Lisa said...

Name: Kellycious
i want make up and i also have it.
what style: fashionable


Anonymous said...

my nae is red.girll
i would love to get some new ideas about how to dress fashionable:)
i do have make-up...but not very much
please visit me

Avril182 said...

name: avril182

FairyBeliever ♥ said...

Hey it's me again! I would like u to give my friend a make-over when u have the time her name is: Rockchick171717 and make her how u think she would look good in Thx!

liana said...

i olney have non ss free make-up and i really wanna be covergirl

Anonymous said...

hey,this is my stardoll username
please visit me and if u have 2 much money please get me any gifts(ss gifts)
and thx 2 much

Anonymous said...

Name : InTheDark17
Make up : don't have much...but YES
Style : Anything

Anonymous said...

.my stardoll name is AimeeNandez
.i don't have make up..
.the style? hmm.. choose you (;

Anonymous said...

Name : Lilirose200
( im french ) :)
make-up : yes
look coll, fashion, wow ...

Anonymous said...

name : R0ckingGirl
make up : Yes
look : tomboy or emo


munira said...

stardoll username:cherri-berri8