Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chinese stardoll cont

As the other post says about that new shop with all them old clothes at big prices i looked in that place and i found the shop has 28pages of items and many inspired and old hot buys these are the ones i found

1=Hot buys dress (oct08)
2=dress inspired by ysl
3=hot buys jacket (aug08)
4=hot buys bag(jan09)
5=hot buy boots(oct08)
6=hot buys skirt
7=hot buys dress(march08)
8=hot buys skinny jeans (jan09)
9=hot buys dress(jan09)
10=hot buys skirt (feb09)
11=hot buys top(jan09)
12=hot buys dress (dec08)
13=hot buys skirt(sept08)
14=hot buys dress(may08)
15=terry heart gown
16=hot buy boots(feb09)
do u think this is fair??????????


Anonymous said...

nooo it's not fair....:-(

Anonymous said...

i cant enter on chineese stardoll

Bella said...

Chinese Stardoll members still get the 1 stardollar per day!
got the tip by Haa-Lou.
xx Bella

Anonymous said...

hoe can i enter on the chinese stardoll????