Saturday, December 26, 2009

X-Mas Sale on Starplaza: BEST BUYS

So..Stardoll hosts a big Christmas SALE in the end of 2009.

And I thought I'll show you the best items AND how to wear them. (or what to do with them ;D)

Voile Holiday Boutique: Black reindeer. Looks cool and classy, and you can use it next year Christmas again ;) Thanks to QuikGirl31 for the tip!

bisou: Embellished Belt. Looks good with classic black/white looks (such as black skirt, white tanktop, high heels). Works also with bright, tailored dresses.

bisou: ChloƩ inspired Slouch Trousers. High celebrated on ChloƩ's runway this year, look best when you wear them with a pinch of looseness. Means: white Tanktops/t-shirts, grey military tops, khaki tops. But always pouch the shirt IN the trousers!! (high waist!)
You can also wear a SHORT (!!) blazer to it. (S/S Box Blazer by DKNY, 12 sd)

You see: Many reasons to buy it. ;)

Pretty in Pink: Flower Print Tube Dress. You can really mix it with other clothes. Reason to buy it: Everybody looks like a cute princess in it :).

RIO: Rust Colored Belt. Rust color is difficult to wear, but you're never wrong when you mix it with black, grey or beige. If you're confident, you can mix pink with it (not too much!).

Splendid: Diamond Necklace. I think I only need to say one sentence:
Diamond are a girl's best friend!

Hope you liked the combinations and items.


Love Bella


Anonymous said...

WoooW... Thanks:-D

Quik said...

Great Job! Thanks - I didn't notice the diamond necklace *duh! How I missed that - I haven't a clue!!

*Giggles : )

( Thanks for the mention )