Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No money for Superstars!

So, today, a stardoll member which is also superstar, DJMAR, told me that she didn't get any money today. I asked what happenend and she told me that she has a 1-year-membership where you get about 50 stardollars every monday/week.

But today she got NOTHING!

Unfortunately, I can't agree because I buy my stardollars via SMS, but I would like to know:

Did this happen to anyone else?

Now, DJMAR (and probably more members) ask what they can do. I am not stardoll, so I can't tell, but I have a tip for you:

Complain about it!

Stardoll has to listen to you. Write a mail to stardoll, in which you tell them your situation:
Important: Stay polite and objective, don't be rude! You want an answer, right?

Here's the link:

Hope this helps. I can't do more at the moment, I'm sorry.

xx Bella

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