Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone ♥

So..the year is almost done, everybody has holidays now, Christmas is very nigh, and everybody is excited I guess :)

We're always trying to do our very best to inform you, to entertain you, and I hope you liked it this year.

My very special thanks go out to mariaisabelfan, she gave me the opportunity in July to write for this blog. I was just impressed and had so many ideas and I just wanted to know if I could be a part of it. She agreed and so I became a writer.
She always supported me in everything I did, everything I suggested, and that means incredible much to me.
She is an amazing person, nice and kind to everyone, but she also has her principles, like me ;).

Thank you so much, Stef, you're one of the greatest person's ♥


I also want to thank all blogwriters and Ex-Blogwriters:

Without you, guys, the blog wouldn't be what it is now!


And, last but of course not least:

A huge Thanks to our incredible followers! We wouldn't do all this if there weren't amazing people like you all who support our work by following us!

Please remain faithful to us in the next year, my ideas are not stopping yet ;)

I'm trying to post over the feast days of course, but if I can't by spending the time with my family, please respect that.

My birthday is also on Christmas, december 26, so I'm having handsful to do :)

I wish you all happy holidays, a wonderful Christmas festival and amazing days with your families :)

I love you all ♥

Kisses, yours Bella


Avril14140 said...

Awww...I wish you all best for Christmas and Holidays!;))

misspitt said...

ohhh woow:-D

OMG I will not cry (I will not cry, I will not cry:-D hehe) That is sooo sweet:-D
Happy B-day (26.12) and merry christmas:-D Hope U got the best holidays and B-day and Christmas:-D

Thanks for all:-D


Bella said...

Thank you so much ♥
You guys are great, I love you all ♥

Love, yours Bella