Friday, December 4, 2009

FREE Dior & Marc Jacobs Dresses + a brazilian top

This is a brazilian contest, pretty hard to get this stuff!I tried it, but I wasn't able too, so if anyone can do that for me: Please tell!

Suggested manual proxies: and Port 3128 and Port 8080 and Port 8080

Link to the contest:

You can try to create a scenery, if you can load the site, but not create a scenery, wait 1-2 minutes, then turn the link in this:

Hope this helps you!

xx Bella

P.S. I have a Christmas Party tomorrow evening, so I won't be able to post or anything.
Gonna miss you all ♥


Lejla_Girl said...

i got them but you have to use google chrome and the last proxie and Port 8080

(i tried about one day before i got them and you have to be logged in on the main account)

Anonymous said...

if you can get it to me pls say it in my gb.
my stardoll name is missadnaaccky.

Anonymous said...

Hey it works!My stardoll account is rainbow_97.Write in my GB if you need help!

Anonymous said...

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