Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Make-Up's

So..I thought I'll create you some nice make-ups for Christmas, which are really easy to restyle.The first one is my personal favorite. It looks so glamourous with all this gold, the eyes are shimmering so beautiful.
You need:
-Lenghtening Mascara black, 2sd
-Volume Mascara black, 3sd
-Candle Light Eyeshadow, 6 sd
-Tinsel Gold Eyeshadow, 6sdThis is my second make-up, for everyone who prefers silver. I amplified it with silver kajal.
You need:
-Lenghening Mascara black, 2 sd
-Volume Mascara black, 2 sd
-White Collection Eyeshadow, 6 sd
-Fog Grey Eyeshadow, 6 sd
-Fog Grey Eye Kohl, 7 sd
This is the last one, I really like it, too. It's not that glamourous, but mystic and kinda precious, too.
You need:
-Lenghening Mascara black, 2 sd
-Volume Mascara Midnight Blue, 4 sd
-Midnight Eye Kohl, 7 sd
-Midnight Blue Liner, 4 sd

Hope you liked the looks!


Yours Bella ♥

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