Friday, November 20, 2009

FREE Marimekko Curtain

You can get this bright curtain, I think it's so pretty!! On top you get a blue something (WHAT IS IT? ANYBODY KNOWS?)

Anyways, it's pretty too :)'s a gift from a finnish quiz, and finally a web proxy got found:

For the safety: There can always pop up ads, just close them and don't click on them, I can't guarantee that they're safe!

This is the link:

Just click on any answers, it doesn't matter if they're right or wrong. (I don't understand anything, btw ;D)

Love Nathalie


liana said...

hey i know what it is its a bunch of glasses (not the type u where on ur face but the drinking type)
odiliana1 x
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liana said...

oops made a mistake its actually a vase of some sort!

Anonymous said...

Those should be designed by Finland designers. One of them is curtain and another one just a vase.

Bella said...

ahh :)
thanks to liana and anonymous!

xx Nathalie

Anonymous said...

i think they migth be the glass cups becos they dont really look like a vase to me

Anonymous said...

No it is a vase. If you don't believe me translate it in google translation.

grace said...

d link is broken now:(

Anonymous said...

it´s a finnish aalto-vase