Thursday, November 19, 2009

FREE Gucci Bag + Shorts

So..this time all GERMAN people get a gift and...I'm from Germany haha :)The shorts are old, they're from Fudge, and the back was available once (Confessions of a shopaholic).
Why do german ppl only get stupid gifts?!

Manual proxies that might work: and Port 8888 and Port 3124 and Port 3127 and Port 3124

Web proxies that might work:

Link to the contest:

Right answers:

1. Chanel
2. Spanischer Schuhdesigner
3. Trenchcoates
4. Prada
5. Domenico & Stefano
6. Koffer
7. Rennpferd
8. Italienisches Modehaus
9. Tattook├╝nstler
10. Schwedisch…

Love Nathalie


Alinat2008 said...

it also works with

Bella said...

thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

That bag was rare...Only one person had it, but now everyone has it.

Anonymous said...

i don´t think that i does work anymore....