Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's your wish?

So..I had the idea of making this post, because I am desperately looking for this vest:
It's the biggest desire of me to have it, and I would be endless grateful if someone would sell me it!
If you have it, please contact me, cause I'll buy the vest then!

Anyway, I was wondering what your wishes are?

Post your wishlist in the comment box, and maybe another reader of this blog reads it and can sell it to you!

Please help me!

Love Nathalie


lipgloss_babe91 said...

my wish list =]

1. DKNY ruffle skirt
2. DKNY falling hearts dress
3. queen puff sleves
4. lindsay lohan gown
5. Purple langerie


Avril14140 said...

That is cool idea!:)
My wishlist:
1.Aurora Dress
3.DKNY Fallng Hearts Dress
4.DKNY Broken Dress and Skirt
5.DKNY Casmere Dress
6.Zip Neck Tee (e&j)

Monica-Lea said...

I'm looking for the barbie dress, I've seen it in StarBazzar but it's really expensive!

Mary said...

i wish for a free superstar for ever infinaty stardollers(money) for ever and every hair style oh and 1000000000 starpoints xxxxxxxxxxxxx