Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Starpoint Rewards + No more daily sd!

So guys..i got a good and a bad message for you:

The 'good' one:

There are new starpoint rewards! Callie.Stardoll has reached the 10 000 starpoints ( I don't want to know HOW! -.-),
so there are new things you're able to get (anytime ;D)

You can get a new bed and a bathtube by reaching 10 000 starpoints, with 8 500 you get an (ugly) gnome, and with 9 500 a sofa.

Yeah! I bet 80% of the users delete their accounts earlier. -.-

The bad message:

There is no 1 sd per day anymore! There's only Play&Earn now!

I have to say: What a stupid idea!

I mean remember the non-superstars: They can't save their money anymore, they can't pay expensive non-ss dresses, cuz anytime they don't got any money!

But, I mean, it was clear stardoll does this: The new dresses are only ss and they are more expensive than 1 or 2 years ago.

When the users run away, Don't wonder stardoll!
(thanks to stardoll insiders for this information)

UPDATE: A blog was made by a stardoll member about the 1 sd drama on stardoll:

Go check it out!

xxx Nathalie


Anonymous said...

omg i cant even play and earn in my computer and i have just 4

adeline_196 said...

Thanks so much for featuring my blog into yours!

ker said...

this is realy horrible,everyone must send a complaint letter to stardoll team !

smiley said...

omg ,its so stuupid , if they dont fix it , they haave to FIX IT !