Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Barbie Shop!

Well...I think the clothes are kinda cheesy, I mean look at the colors or all those sparkles!

But..I mean Barbie is THE iconic of so many young girls (it was mine too ;D), so I think it's totally okay!

P.S.: You get a free t-shirt, when you go to stardoll cinema and watch the video! You have to use an US proxy of course ( ). Just type in the URL Bar .
UPDATE: Manual proxys you could use: port 6649 port 80 port 8080 port 3124 port 80 port 81
(thanks to stardoll insiders)

I don't know if the t-shirt is still available! If you want, try it out ;)

Enjoy :)

Love, Nathalie


Avril14140 said...

Hey...but somethings are very cute too!!haha....i just wanna post about it and then i saw your post!=D

MiiLeY__CyRuS said...

oh..sorry :)
xxx Nathalie